Engineering Graduate Jobs With Re-Leased

Kick Start Your Tech Career

Every year we’re creating engineering graduate jobs with our internship programme for developers.

An internship at Re-Leased is your opportunity to show us your talent, working alongside some of the best technical experts in the industry. Not only is this the best way to kickstart your career, if you work hard and get results, we’ll offer you a permanent graduate developer position. Our main intake for intern developers will happen through October to January each year. The successful applicants will often start from November to February.

A Day In The Life: Stacey

Kia Ora everyone! My name is Stacey. I started with Re-Leased in November 2020 as an Intern Software Developer through the internship program with EIT while in my final year of completing my Bachelor in Computing Systems. I then secured a full-time Junior Software Developer position in February 2021.

8:30am: After a 20ish minute drive from Hastings, soaking up the views of the Bay before starting my day, I get my laptop started up and check any Slack messages or emails that need attention. Then I review tasks from the previous day and smash out some work. 

9:30am: Stand up time with my squad, RISCY. This is a great time to get any advice or feedback from your squad on the task you are working on or provide suggestions to your fellow members.

1:30pm: I write up any unit tests that are required and try to get my task into a pull request to get it reviewed before the end of the day.

2:00pm: Every second week we have a demo to some of the ELT’s in the office. This is the time to showcase what the squad has produced and we gain some feedback and insight from them which we can take on board and apply any suggestions.

4:00pm: Every Friday, at 4pm, the office stops all work and gathers together for some social drinks. This time provides the opportunity to socialise with others in the office and wind down together after a working week.

A Day In The Life: Angus

Hey, I’m Angus. I joined Re-Leased as a Junior Software Developer intern in July 2020 before landing a full time position in November of the same year. So far it’s been a great experience; I thoroughly enjoy my day-to-day work.

7:30 AM: Wake up and have breakfast before heading to work. This all takes far longer than it has any right to as my brain is about 10% operational at this time of the day.

8:30 AM: Arrive at work, fire up the laptop and plan out how to tackle the day. This is usually when I get started on some coding or code reviews.

9:00 AM: Standup meeting for the squad, although not much standing is generally done – we have two members who work outside of the office, so it’s done via Google Hangouts. On second thought, we might need a new name for this.

9:15 AM: Grab a coffee and continue on with what I was working on before standup. As I’m a member of a BAU squad this is usually dealing with either bugs or refinements within the system.

12:00 PM: Take a lunch break, do a bit of reading, and then go for a small walk around Ahuriri.

1:00 PM: Continuing on with whatever I was working on previous to the lunch break – unit tests, general coding and code reviews are the usual.

4:00 PM: Close down the IDE and read whatever software development related book I’m currently working through.

4:30 PM: Head to the gym before driving home. 

I really enjoy the work here at Re-Leased. I find it satisfying hunting down the cause of an issue, brainstorming different solutions that could be implemented for it, and getting my hands dirty actually fixing it.

Career Opportunities & Rewards

Starting your tech career at Re-Leased will open up a world of opportunities. As you grow, learning from experienced mentors, you’ll be able to pursue pathways to a rewarding and fulfilling career, doing the kind of work you enjoy best. Pathways for engineering graduates include progressing through to senior development positions, branching out into other technical fields or moving into people leadership roles. Working with a product that has global reach, and with our ongoing quest to innovate and improve everything we do, a job with Re-Leased offers a career for life. If you’re interested in working in a fast-paced, supportive, team environment, we’re looking for talent. View our current graduate job opportunities in our development team or feel free to contact us with your expression of interest.