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Professional Services: The Face Of Re-leased

Re-Leased’s professional services and customer support team are responsible for onboarding new clients, and for supporting and solving problems for the existing customer base. Our team is the front line for customers and the face of Re-Leased for daily operations.

Re-Leased operates a culture of high performance, high trust and high accountability. It underpins all our programs of work. This doesn’t mean we’re a serious bunch. We like to have a lot of fun too. That’s what maintains our drive and enthusiasm to achieve incredible results together.

The Ongoing Quest For Innovation

Professional services and customer support have one goal that underpins our drive for continuing innovation: how can we keep improving the product and processes for our customers. This means constantly looking for new ways to streamline and automate processes.

A Day In The Life

My name is Scott, I started with Re-Leased since January 2020 as an Implementation Consultant based between Sydney/Melbourne. My experience with Re-Leased has been great, no two days are the same. Being part of the APAC professional services team means that I’m constantly talking to our customers & our people across many different parts of the world.

8.30am – Arrive into the home office, check slack for anything that I need to be aware of that has happened overnight.

9.00-10.00am – Check emails, I generally spend my mornings discussing items with the product, data & support team.

10.00am – 12.00pm – Customer facing training sessions with either my current customers who I am implementing, or can be existing customers via zoom diving into many different parts of the product.

1.00pm – 4.00pm – Customer facing training sessions with either my current customers who I am implementing, or existing customers.