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A Day In The Life

Hi! I’m Elia from Barcelona, and since April 2021 I’ve been working in the London office as EMEA Product Manager. My purpose is to make sure we are building products that are designed to meet our customers needs.

7.00 amChecking outlook and slack before arriving at the office

As the product team is mostly based in Napier, New Zealand, the first thing in the morning is to check if there’s any urgent meeting or if anyone needs my help.

8.00 amArriving at the office after 30 mins cycling to the office in central London. Before jumping into the first calls of the day I grab a coffee or tea and have a chat with my colleagues. I usually spend my mornings in different calls with the product team, with my manager, with the frontline teams or customer calls.

2.00 – 5.30 pmDuring my afternoons I usually have less calls and will often be creating a competitive deck with tips and tricks so our sales team knows how to position RL vs other competitors, defining how a new feature would look like based on our customer feedback, or working on a workshop that I’ll moderate with our customers.

6.00-8.00 pmMe time! Work life balance is important so I usually go to the gym, go for a walk in Hyde park or cook something nice for dinner.

Product & UX: Bridging People And Technology

Our product and UX team are the glue between our customers and all business units within Re-Leased. Our focus is finding ever better ways to develop our products to make the life of our customers easier.

The key driver for our team is developing high performance technology with the end user in mind. We’re the force that pushes to see and design for humans. Our success is measured by customer retention and creating products people love to use.

The Ongoing Quest For Innovation

The product and UX team is made up of people with creativity and imagination. Innovation is all that we do every day. We question the status quo. We look for smarter ways to deliver the desired outcomes for our customers.

We push past the boundaries of imagination using science, empathy and innovation know-how to design outcomes with real value for end users. To work in this team, you need to be open to being on a constant, unending journey of discovery.

Career Opportunities & Rewards

Move, shake, make people’s lives a little better, every day. This product team is for people that genuinely care about other people and take on the challenge to fight for them. If meaningful work and strong collaboration is what motivates you, please join!

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